Conflict Games and social behavior

The use of violence in conflict resolution is a benchmark defining

the regression of human culture and society.

As we continue to escalate violence in human relationships and social constructs we will become less civilized in our interactions with one another. We have reactivated our reptile nature within  our cognitive and reasoning processes as  violence becomes the norm in social interactions. Violence has become the reasonable end to the pursuit of self- interest.

This is reinforced in video game plot scenario.

We have constructed a video game market that contributes to an aggressive and amoral ethic!

Violent crime is on the rise among the youth of our society!

Have you ever wondered about the impact of conflict games on human behavior?

Why is the resolution of self interest always reduced to violent confrontation and physical conflict?

Is there a connection between this type of recreation and the lack of sensitivity and antisocial behavior we see in social interactions of youth in society?


  • Have you ever wondered if the thousands of conflict games have an impact on social behavior?
  • If little johnny sits and plays Auto theft IV eighteen hours a day will he go out and steal a car?
  • Is gaming different  than the violence in film?
  • Is there a connection  to gaming plot line and story development with violence and criminal behavior?
  • Can video  gaming influence social behaviors in society?
  • How much of a influence can gaming have on the developing mind?
  • What about teens and conflict resolution?
  • Does the amount of gaming influence how teens socially interact?
  • We will explore the impact these forms of entertainment can and will have on social behaviors and investigate their influence in social constructs .
  • We will particularly focus in on anti-social behaviors and gaming influence in the outcomes of those behaviors.


Gods of War games  suggest that we can solve problems by

destroying our adversaries.

There is a real connection between the violence we see in our social milieu  and the obsession  with violent  conflict  seen in the video  gaming industry.

The concept of violence has a long history in the development of this culture.

To stop the violent tendency in humanity we must consider all forms of violent encounter as influential  in the social behaviors of members of our society .

These video games influence how our children problem solve.



Dungeon and Dragons in social theory

We need to consider the impact of fantasy  role games on

human behavior:Fantasy Gaming

  • Could a virtual AVATAR induce violent or deviant behavior?
  • How far is too far in virtual realities?
  • Can we confuse virtual reality with actual reality.?
  • How real does virtual reality get?

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