Hip Hop Culture


New HIP HOP ARTIhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3m3t_PxiUISTS

Celebrate the new Talent!!!


Hopsin`s  ill mind is a raw and provocative answer to the concerns impacting the HIP Hop Culture

Hip hop culture begins very early and creates a important perspective about the world in which we live!


These young people will continue to evolve a culture that will influence youth and the entire country.

We must learn how to listen and learn from our talented  youth.

They must be respected!!


The power and influence of the mike is displayed in the youth movement known as Hip Hop culture!

Celebrate the creativity and talent of our youth!!

We celebrate the active life force  carried by the youth movement in

Little Wayne

in African American communities and around the world  as HIP HOP CULTURE!

This authentic art form and music medium is a creative expression of an oppressed and struggling people that gives life to the context of Our every day lives.

Lauryn Hill

Often misunderstood but never ignored these young people reflect the genius of African Americans to  be creative,adapt and survive and thrive in the midst of an oppressive and repressive environment.

We celebrate your talent and ability to overcome all odds and live!!


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