Theology of Peace making

Children are being murdered in the name of peace and security!!

Staff Sargent Robert Bales identified as the shooter of these young people!–why-did-the-number-change/2012/03/23/gIQAABVwVS_blog.html

We must learn how to create PEACE

instead of waging  WAR!

Here we go again!

In the name of stability we are bombing people in the Middle east again this time to stop a dictator that we supported .

There is a real serious reason why our country and NATO is involved in this conflict with Libya.

We have been involved in supporting these regimes for a very long time .

Now we have have to destroy the very weapons we have sold to these nations and dictators.

It will take a long time to remove the armaments we have distributed in the Middle east.


Arms Sales to the Middle East

We should pray for the the innocent victims

Libyan Tanks bought from the Tank Store.

Planes brought from the Airplane and jet store.

This is a time where all of us need to make peace our collective goal!!

We all suffer when there is no peace!


We need to learn how to share what we have with a hungry world.

The sin is the millions of starving people all over the globe at the expense  of our self interest.


We spend more on our pets than we do to stop hunger and suffering of human beings!

We do not concern ourselves with the suffering in this world.We spend more money on dog food than efforts at peace in this world !

Hunger in the world community

There is a choice that we must make about this world and the people who live in it.

Jesus Christ

or  THE Gods OF WAR



The choice is ours alone!

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