The African American Religious experience

We will make it!

Let us explore the reality of African American religious experience together as we look into the context and history of people of color and our journey in America.

There is no person of color in leadership today that has not been helped by the   African American  religious community!

Celebrate African American women who preach the gospel!!

Arquila Todd

Rev Dr. Ella P Mitchell

Thank you African American women for holding on to the Gospel spirit!!!

Theology 333 black theology and the black church explores the contributions that these religious communities make to the development of this country and the global religious community.


Images of African American Christ and family.


Black Theology/Black Church 333

Spring 2009

The African American Religious Experience

Theology 333A

MWF UH116  10:10AM to 11:00AM

Instructor Rev.Dr. Gregory A. Jones

Office hours by Appointment


This course seeks to integrate the basic underlining principles of Black theology and its impact on the development of the African American Religious experience. The focus of study will be the institutions created by that experience and the people who are a part of those communities.

This course will also provide a basic understanding of the origin, history and development of African American religious and ethical thought. The student is expected to develop a working knowledge of these influences of social, cultural, religious, economic and political contextual environments to enhance their understanding of the impact persons of color have on post- modern Christian faith

and culture.

The following texts are required for this course:

Canaan Land

Albert Raboteau

Black Religion and Black Radicalism

Gayraud S. Wilmore

African American Christian Heritage

Marvin A. McMickle

The African American Christian congregation

We must understand the past to  move forward in the present and future!! African Kings

The question is this;how did we journey from empires and kingdoms to this?


Understanding the religious  journey of African Americans will explain the faith and spiritual direction of this culture as we search for answers on how to evolve our collective humanity .

Respect the contributions the African American church has made to the development of African American leadership!!!

We also give honor to the  African American religious experience as the motivation toward survival of the African American family.

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