Kinetics live

Consider the new form of communication that are allowing African Americans to be more informed and involved!!!


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American Black Film Festival of Independent Film makers

Celebrate Black Film makers!!

We are honored by the creative genius of African American people.

Ava Duvemay





Well done!!!!

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Celebrate Ozzie Davis and Ruby Dee

ossiedavisandrubyOzzie Davis and Ruby Dee two masters of the theater!!

We thank you for your contributions to our lives and culture!!!

Quotation-Ruby-Dee-dignity-strength-courage-inspirational-beauty-Meetville-Quotes-241099 (2)Together and happy again!!!


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Maya Angelou An Angelic presence within our time!

Celebrate this wonderful gift granted to us!

A woman beyond the age and the words of mankind.

Thank you !images


Your presence has blessed us all!


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Understanding African American historical Contributions

What does inclusion and diversity mean for the AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY?

Thank God for those who are concerned with the development of African American intelligentsia.

We must always be concerned for the evolution of our OWN DESTINY!

Major Inventions by African-Americans

  • By: Nailah Ellis Timberlake

Some of the world’s most popular inventions were created by African-Americans, dating back to 1820, when Thomas Jennings, believed to be the first African-American inventor to receive a patent, created a more efficient dry cleaning process. Many years later, Judy W. Reed became the first African-American female inventor with her hand-operated dough kneader and roller. Reed, who was illiterate, signed the patent with an ‘X.’

This is an invention made by Patricia E. Bath, M.D.

Laserphaco Probe
Year patented: 1986
Inventor: Patricia E. Bath, M.D.,
 (1942–), first woman to chair an ophthalmology residency program in the United States

A specialized tool and procedure for the removal of cataracts, the Laserphaco Probe increased the accuracy and results of cataract surgery, previously performed manually with a mechanical grinder. Created with highly accurate laser technology, the Laserphaco Probe combines an optical laser, irrigation system and suction tubes. The laser vaporizes the cataracts and lens material via a 1-millimeter insertion into the patient’s eye and a replacement lens is inserted. Its use has helped restore the sight of several people who had been blinded by cataracts for up to 30 years.

Patricia E. Bath, M.D.

We celebrate and honor our talented Brothers and Sisters!!!

Please visit:

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Mandela watch over us !!!

Thank you madiba!!

This great man  placed his spirit in the heart of a torn and  broken country and revived its humanity!!

We must learn from this GREAT human being!!

Thank you Mandela!!!!

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Just US

There can never be peace until there is Justice!

When will this nation ever learn?

Violence begets Violence!


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African American Organizations must be supported

Please recognize the vital role African American organizations provide in developing leadership and addressing  problems that are specific to the African American community! We must not waver in our wiliness to support our communities agenda as we struggle for the health ,interest, rights and needs of our African American citizens.

We do not have to be apologetic about serving our own communities. We are the instruments of change that we seek.

Thank God for the leadership within the African American community!

Thank you for building leadership in our communities!!!


The strength of African Americans lies in our collective vision and collective commitment to one another!


We will never retreat from the Justice we seek!

Thank God for the African American women who are in leadership today!


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The new face of terrorism

The time has arrived in our society to recognize the new face of terror and violence.

We might need to consider that this attitude could be home grown.

African Americans have seen this face before.

We might be able to help this nation come to grips with this new face of Terrorism ; right in our own back yards.

Thank God for the leaders of this community that have fought against this terror throughout their lives.

We dedicate this post to all the brave people who responded to this vicious act with kindness and compassion for those who were injured.

Thank you!

Thank you for staying  on the front lines of our struggle with terror.

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Understanding Urban Schools

We need to respect the tremendous work that has been committed to the development of successful urban schools in our African american communities!

Before there was a charter school there were individuals fighting to educate our children! Respect the work the early educators have done to create the opportunities for today!


We could not have this success without your sacrifice!

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