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Tell me a story….. of
What has transpired as a tired old cliche “America is the Disney land of the world”
and the “Culture of make believe” as some smart intelligent people try to conceive of part time justice, while those who are touched and sodden with the weeping souls of the children of the night take flight in the stories of long lost heroes and sheroes
Listen as tales are told of the times when things use to be good in the neighborhoods, and the street urchins would be looked after by Mamma Rose
an overweight, house dress, wig wearing, queen ,who did not have a mean streak anywhere in her body or spirit as the story goes , or Mr. Cook janitor supreme who played a mean game of checkers among other things, and watched us from his porch, as we ran from one block to the next. That kind of love stood the test of time. The crime in those days was if you did not speak and everyone learned to turn the other cheek by sharing what they had, nobody was mad at being poor and no one locked their doors in fear, cause the notion of friendship in the community was dear to the hearts and souls of everyone; well nobody thought it was fun to shoot up the block,people would knock before they entered and say please, caring for others was not a disease that you would try not to catch, and folks would not think you were crazy if you grew a garden and kept busy, lazy was an attitude left for the rich, we all had an responsibility to clean up the mess, this selfish world has made of our lives, and heroes and sheroes thrive on finding good to do. So we were told to not let the dust grow old on your behind, find good to do because this world with all its problems , cares and troubles and joys is wholly Holy thine. learn to care and love others is how you need to spend your time here and life is simple “Just be kind”
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